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This course is designed to improve your own competences regarding COL&V. It is divided into 4 learning units with different focuses, which can be worked through individually. 

The course is based on the reveal publication which is therefore deposited on the main page.

This module on Open Educational Resources (OER) offers thematic inputs as well as exercises to test and train one's own skills. 

With the learning units

basic aspects of the topic are covered.

Design Thinking provides us with a systematic and structural approach to solving complex problems from many fields and to find new solutions that meet the needs of those involved. It is often used in the field of idea and innovation development.

The method is based on a multi-step, agile and iterative process. This design thinking process helps us to narrow down and actually understand our problem, identify solution spaces and generate concrete ideas. In each step of this process, we apply different creative techniques and thus approach innovative solutions for our problem. Users and their needs are always in the foreground.

This course introduces the steps of the design thinking process, explains them and provides a number of methods and tools which can be applied to facilitate each step.

LEVEL5 is not just about validation, it is a holistic validation and learning system.

Therefore, it is designed to plan and deliver competence-based learning - especially in informal and non-formal contexts where no pre-written learning plans are available.